Dry Herb Vape Pens, Oil Vapes, and Wax Vaporizers 

Vaporizers are extremely popular as a healthier alternative to traditional smoking methods. Vapes are simple enough in concept: convection or conduction technology uses small metal coils or plates to "vaporize' material, and produce a smooth smoke. The tradition method of consumption involved combustion, which is essentially using heat (flame) to burn the material and produce smoke. Where combustion produces a sloppy, harsh smoke; a vaporizer is able to break down herbs, oils & wax's in an extremely efficient manner and give you a silky smooth hit. Vaporizers prevent combustion from occurring, which releases a bunch of unwanted chemicals as a byproduct. So if you're looking for a convenient & healthy method of smoking, vaporizers are the way to go.

Our Vaporizer collection is vast, offering industry leading brand like PAX, PuffCo, Aspire, Arizer, Yocan, Evolve, & The Kind Pen. All these brands are the absolute best vape brands in the industry. 

There are various different types of vaporizers as well, depending on what you're looking to smoke. Let's take a look at the various different types:

Dry Herb Vaporizers

Dry herb vaporizers are vapes designed for various types of dry herbs aka tobacco or weed. These vapes work by using internal heat to essentially bake the herbs until they start to produce a vaporizer. All work incredibly simplistically: either hold a button to activate the combustions, then inhale - or just inhale and it will automatically combust the herbs. This is probably the sleekest way to enjoy your herbs anywhere, anytime.

Concentrate Vaporizers

Concentrate Vaporizers are a modern way to enjoy THC or CBD products discreetly, and conveniently. Concentrate are essentially liquid or wax's which contain all the good stuff from your cannabis. Simply add the concentrate liquid to your Vape Pen and inhale the goodness within. 

E-Liquid Vaporizers

E-liquid vaporizers are a familiar form of vape for most people. You can enjoy various "Juice" flavours that are similar to concentrates in their consistency, however, contain different strengths of tobacco so give them a little kick. Juices come in a variety of awesome flavours too like Strawberry, Chocolate & Candy. The Vaporizers essential use conduction to transform the liquid into a vaporizer extremely efficiently, producing a thick, tasty cloud of smoke to inhale. Much, Much Healthier then a Cigarette.

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