Weed Grinders & Other Herb Grinders

Shop the Best Weed Grinders for shredding your marijauna, tobacco or whatever other herbs you want. Grinders have been a common way for smokers to bust down their bud for quite some time now. The concept is simple: place your nugs of weed into the teeth of the grinder, put on the top and start twisting and grinding up the herbs. This process yields a much finer, more usable & manageable pill of herbs for use in your bong, pipes, rolling papers & more. 

They key to a good smoke sesh starts with a great grinder! A Good Grinder can make your joints taste better, and your bong rips hit smoother. We have the absolute best grinders in the industry, all made from the highest quality aluminums and other durable material in a variety of different sizes and colors. The most popular style of which being the 4-piece herb grinder which included a top grinding lid, a grinding teeth Chamber, a mesh screen collection area, and a kief/tish collection area on the bottom. 

We offer some of the best Grinder Brands around including Santa Cruz Shredder & Sweet Tooth.

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