Glass Bongs, Water Pipes, Hand Pipes, Bubblers & Dab Rigs

Hand Blown Glassware has become every smokers favourite way to enjoy their Dry Herbs; Cannabis, Tobacco or really anything! Amazing innovations in the form of Glass Bongs, Dab Rigs, Hand Pipes, Bubblers, & Recyclers have given smokers a better, more convenient way to enjoy their smoke sesh! Shop & Learn about the various Smoking designs and devices we offer below...

Glass Bongs & Water Pipes

Glass Bongs have become an all time favourite solution for all types of smokers. The convenience of a bong is unrivalled, you can light up anywhere with simply some water and a lighter. Also, the hits are powerful and satisfying for even the most veteran smokers. Popular designs include Beaker Style Bongs, Recyclers & Straight Tube Bongs, all of which are excellent at providing quality hoots. Also, with the increase in popularity, Bongs & Water have become cheaper than ever! There is no excuse not to elevate your smoke sesh to the pinnacle of performance. We offer a large selection of bongs in different, materials as well including Silicone, porcelain, metal & of course glass. Shop Bongs Under $100 Here

Glass Hand Pipes, One Hitters, & Steamrollers

Glass Hand pipes are an absolute classic way to enjoy smoking herbs & tobacco. Hand Pipes are typically made of glass and come in a variety of different compact designs for the varied smoker preferences. Spoons, Sherlocks, One Hitters, Steamrollers, & Chillums are among the different styles of hand pipes being enjoyed by smokers everyday. These pipes are all compact & easy to use at anyplace and time you find yourself in need of a quick sesh. We have a wide selection of hand pipes for sale; from premium hand blown glass art to cheap pipes for less then $20, we got it all. Also the pipes come in a wide variety of materials apart from glass including wood, silicone, metal & Porcelain.

Dab Rigs & Oils Rigs

We sell a handpicked selection of dab rigs and e-rigs that are the best that the industry has to offer. We carry both cheap rigs and high-end glass concentrate Oil Rigs for collectors and enthusiasts. 

Dab Rigs are an increasingly mainstream form of smoking or vaping as we move through 2019. Dab Rigs offer veteran smokers an extremely powerful hit, without much drama. Simply heat up your glass, titanium or quartz nail and throw in your oils and concentrates and inhale away. You get a large amount of THC in a fairly convenient form. We offer an amazing selection of rigs for all types of dabbers. Shop Dab Rigs & other  Dabbing accessories online today.

Glass Bubblers

 Bubblers are essentially hand held water pipes or bongs. Usually designed similar to a Sherlock style hand pipe, bubblers feature a bowl attached to a downstem that reaches down into the body of the pipe. The body can then be filled with water which then acts as an awesome coolant and filter for your smoke just like a bong! Bubblers are a personal favourite to combine the best qualities from a hand pipe and a bong! 

Why Glassware & Silicone are so Great for Smokers

Firstly, With glassware, cleaning becomes a breeze, simply rinse with water or a glass cleaning suction and you're ready to rock and roll with another smoke sesh. However, the trade off of this is the fragility of glass; breaking a bong a one of the worst feelings. Shop Cleaning Solutions Here. This is what makes silicone so great, you get the use of a normal bong, but the durability of silicone. Shop Silicone Here.

Second, Glass can be molded and shaped into a variety of different ways to create things like Percs, Ashcatchers, Downstems, Ice Catchers & More. All these things add up to a way better smoke experience then you could ever of have before.

Glassware is the supreme leader when it comes to smoking herbs and oils. Despite the rise of vaporizers in the smoking industry, glassware is here to stay and will forever be a favourite method of smoking. 


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