Glass Recycler Bongs

Glass Recycler Bongs & Recycler Dab Rigs

Recyclers are a type of Bong or Water Pipe Which allows for optimal smoke filtration and diffusion. Recycler Bongs are new in the smoking industry, and come from some innovative Glass Blowers. Recyclers Contain Several Chambers (often two) instead of just one. This allows for amazing natural smoke diffusion as there is less resistance on any given path, allowing for the most possible flavour and smoothness from every hit of your weed or other dry herbs. This Also gives these Bongs an awesome unique look and feel.

Recycler Bongs offer many benefits over the traditional Beaker or Straight tube Bong. The top chamber recycles water back to the main percolator, provided a really cool look and awesome filtration. These Bongs really maximize the use of water filtration and as the smoke has to pass through water multiple times and take several elongated paths. These recycler tubes also keep the smoke dynamically moving to prevent any stale hoots. As well, this prevents any splash damage hitting your mouth, so you never have to worry about pulling too hard during hits with recycler bongs. 

On top of the many great features of Recyclers they just look freakin cool! All those glass tubes sticking out and bent neck design make for a truly special, stand-out Bong! 

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