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Dab Rigs aka Concentrate Rigs, Vapor Rigs, Mini/Micro Rigs or Oil Rigs are a modern day innovation for smokers to be able to enjoy their "legal" concentrates and Oils. Back in the day when dabbing first became popular, you would attach a nail to your normal bong, heat it up and smoke. However, this didn't provide for optimal conditions to really enjoy and get the most out of the dab hits. Thus Dab Rigs were created: a single purpose water pipe for dabbing. These Dab Rigs come in a large variety of different shapes, sizes, colors & designs. For example dab rigs can now be made with multiple percolators, ice pinches, & even ash catchers!

How Dab Rigs Work

Dab Rigs are pretty similar to bongs in many cases. However, what is being smoked is very different and needs to be treated differently (Wax vs Herbs). Where in a bong you can just use a lighter to combust the herbs, wax can't just be lit. Wax required being heated more organically so it can break down into a liquid/vapor form. Thus, the dab rig uses a nail (similar to a bowl) which is then heated using a torch to high temperatures. After which the wax is placed into this nail, where it breaks down into vapor. Next, simply place the carb cap on top of the nail and inhale like a normal bong. The Vapor/smoke produced from the wax will pass through a water chamber and possibly some percolators before it reaches your mouth just like a bong!

Dab Rigs Also come with many accessories which help you fellow smokers maximize your dabs:

Nails are a vital part of any good Dab Rig. Nails are the equivalent of a bowl for bongs, and they attach to the bowl in a similar fashion. Nails made from glass, quartz, titanium or even ceramic and are designed to be heated to very high temperatures via a torch. Once the Nail is sufficiently hot enough, you add your wax's and enjoy the hit. Nails are available in a large variety of different sizes and styles. Shop the Best Dab Nails the industry has to offer at Sesh Sensei


Dabbers are an essential part to any good Dab Sesh. Dabbers are small worked glass, aluminum or quartz tools that allow you to transfer your wax's and concentrates to the heated nail. Dabbers come in a variety of different shapes and sizes. We offer an awesome selection of some of the coolest themed dabbers around including a Fortnite Pickaxe dabber, and a Mortal Kombat Skull & Spin!

Carb Caps

Carb Caps are clever way to maximize your smoke & give you great pulls from your vaporizer rig. Once you have sufficiently heated your nails and added the wax from your dabber, simply place the carb cap on top of the nail to yield large amounts of potent smoke.


Torches are another essential part to any Dab Sesh. Most all Dab Rigs require the nail to be heated to a high temperature to be able to vaporize your wax. That's where the Torch comes into play, simply turn it on and apply to your nail for a few seconds, then smoke. Shop our collection of reliable, hand held torches for your rigs.

All in all, Dab Rigs are optimized for a great smoke session when using your wax's. Shop Online today at Sesh Sensei, The Best Modern Online Headshop, to Find your Next Dab Rig!

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