Glass Bubbler, Bubbler Pipes & Mini Bongs

Glass Bubblers aka Bubbler Pipes or Mini Bongs are a cross between a Hand Pipe & a Bong or Water Pipe. Bubblers essentially have the portability and compact design of a hand pipe, but have water filtration and punch similar to a bong. These Water Pipes work by having a small downstream attached the the bowl of the bubbler. This leads into a reservoir base, where water is to be added. As you light your bowl and inhale, smoke comes through the downstem and breaks into small bubbles in the water, for optimal cooling and filtration. Leaving you with a cool, smooth hit that no single hand pipe could replicate. Bubblers are perfect for the on-the-go Experienced smoker or even beginners. 

Bubblers are intended for dry herbs and tobacco, however, new bubblers have come out for oils and concentrates. So for the Dabbers out there, you can enjoy a portable Dab Rig Bubbler all the same. Bubblers also come in a variety of style:

Hammer Style Bubbler

This style of glass bubbler looks like a hammer (go figure). Overall it essentially takes shape of a normal spoon hand pipe, with an added reservoir base for water filtration; giving to the hammer style look.

Sherlock Style Bubbler

Sherlock Bubblers are by far the most common and essential look like something Sherlock Holmes would be smoking. This Glass Bubbler Pipe is made in an S shape and has a large base for water to fill passed the downstem.

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