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Glass Bongs & Water Pipes

Enjoy a wide selection to find your perfect Bong or Water Pipe. We have Cheap Straight Tube Bongs, Beaker Bongs, Hand Made bongs, glass water pipes, Silicone Bongs, Porcelain Vase Bongs, Mini Bongs & Old World Primitive Bongs for Sale. we got it all, and at cheap and affordable prices!

What Are Bongs and Water Pipes?

Bongs, also known as "Water Pipes", have been around for millenniums; 2400 years to be exact! These creative inventions allowed from smokers to indulge in their favourite herbs (like Tobacco & Weed) and mixtures without having harsh, hot & dry smoke hurting their lungs. Although bongs today are very different in their design (being fully glass in most cases) the basic concept has remained the same. Filter the smoke through some water and everything becomes better. Better taste, better flavour, better hits! 

Bongs back in the old world were constructed of whatever they had access too, mainly bamboo, wood, and bone. Later bongs would begin to take on more sophisticated designs with the help of ceramic, acrylic and later glass!

Glass bongs quickly became the mainstream for smokers all around the world for a long list of reasons:

  • First - They are extremely easy to clean; a quick rinse is sufficient for cleaning most smoke sesh's. Unlike old world organic bongs, glass bongs don't absorb any of your smokes content. Gunk and residue builds up on the edges, but can easily be removed, restoring your bong to brand new status! Even some awesome new solutions have been created to get your bong back to new status like the Orange Chronic solution. 

  • Second - Glass bongs offer the ability for skilled glass blowers to create very innovative and unique pieces for amazing smoking experience. I am sure you have seen some of the crazy designs coming from companies like Empire Glassworks & Ronin. Designed can be made to emulate Animals or even Vases. Along with the overall design glass bongs allow for innovations such as percolators and ice pinches. Percolators come in many shapes and sizes such as UFO perc and Showerhead perc. The basic theme is the same, however, to break up your smoke into smaller bubbles to allow for enhanced cooling and filtration. Ice Pinches allow you to add ice cubes to your bongs for further smoke cooling!

These are just a couple reasons why glass weed bongs are so great! However, there are awesome new companies coming out with old world bongs paying tribute to the organic design such as: Primitive Pipes. These bongs are made from the very materials I discussed being Wood, Bamboo, Coconut and Gourd. These Water Pipes provide an unrivalled smoking experience (they say mother nature knows best). These pipes allow your smoke to be filtered in a way that glass just can't match, the organic materials provide cooling, filtration and smooth pulse every time. 

So What Bong is Right For Me?

Everyone is different and has different preferences. Some make like a more balanced and sturdy beaker style bong design, where some may like a more straight tube style bong design or even a Mini/Micro Bong. We would suggest you keep your top priorities in mind when selecting a bong. If you want a bong that is going to last for ages, silicone may be the way to go. Want a visually beautiful bong, heady glass art designs may be the way to go. Just want something cheap that gets the job done, we have bongs for less the $50? We've got you covered for every type of smoker and every personal need. Shop our collection and weight the pros and cons and your personal priorities to discover the right one for you. We are always available to answer any questions you may have!

Why Shop at Sesh Sensei?

Sesh Sensei offers a massive selection of bongs from the most popular and reputable brands and artists. We have glass bongs for sale online with a wide variety of styles including beakers, straight tubes, bubblers, fab eggs, recyclers, and more. We also have various options like ceramic bongs, Silicone Bongs, glass bongs, scientific glass, and even themed bongs. You can search by size, shape, percolator, color, price, joint size, and many other features using our product filtering system. Choose from a variety of borosilicate, scientific glass for that laboratory look, or browse through our collections of dab rigs, recyclers, or heady glass. 

Here at Sesh Sensei we pride ourselves on establishing a Modern Headshop through the best possible online experience we can provide. This is done through creating an awesome, familiar & trustworthy web design. As well, we are here to serve you, and build an amazing brand and customer experience. No Matter what you smoke; whether is tobacco, wax, oil, weed, we got a piece for you. We hope that you enjoy your time shopping at Sesh Sensei!

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