Ash Catchers

Glass Ash Catchers for Bongs & Water Pipes

Glass ash cathers are attachments for bongs & water pipes designed to collect ash and resin from your bowl, and prevent all that gunk from entering your bong. Ash catchers also serve as an additional layer of water filtration as the smoke must pass through a small pool of water, and often times a percolator for extra cooling. Shop our large selection of top line glass ash catchers at cheap everyday prices!

14mm & 18mm Ash Catcher Joint Sizes

Ash catcher typically come for sale in either a 14mm or 18mm Joint Size variants to match all varieties of bongs. The Ash Catcher Has a Male Joint Which Slides into the Female Joint Bowl.

90 Degree & 45 Degree Joint Angle Ashcatchers 

Ash Catchers also come with two differ joint angle variants: the most common is the 45 degree angle. This is typical of most bongs and water pipes and allows the ash catcher to perfectly float parallel to the ground. The 90 Degree is less common but still used often, this joint holds the ash catcher straight up and slides in straight to the ground.

Why You Should Have An Ash Catcher

  • Keeps Your Bongs Clean Longer; Allowing you to Sesh Longer
  • Provides an Extra Layer of Smoke Filtration & Diffusion
  • You Can Add Any of Your Favourite Percolators to Your Bong
  • Overall Makes Your Bong or Water Pipe Look Sick

Here at Sesh Sensei we are committed to providing you with the tools to Master your Sesh! Ash Catchers are one of those tools: allowing for an enhanced smoke sesh and overall bettering your bong or water pipe. We offer a variety of different Ash Catcher Brands Including Ronin Glass, Nucleus Glass & DankStop. Buy Ash Catchers's Online Today and Find the Perfect Ash Catcher for your Bongs, and start having better, longer and smoother Sesh's!

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