Best Bong Brands of 2019

 Best Bong & Water Pipe Brands of 2019 | Online Headshop

When it comes to the Best Bong & Water Pipe Brands of 2019 there are so many to choose from. Were here to steer you in the right direction, and get you the bong of your dreams!

In Short, there is no single best bong brand because each brand has its own unique design & style tailored to different individual preferences. However, new innovative brands are constantly working to create the best possible smoking experience for all types of smokers. That means creating smoother hitting, cooler, Thicker & more elaborate pieces than ever seen before. Let's take a look at the best Bong brands of 2019!

Empire Glassworks

Empire Glassworks | Themed Glass Bongs, Water Pipes & Hand Pipes

Starting off strong we have Empire Glassworks. This awesome glassware brand creates amazing hand blown Dichroic heady glass bongs & water pipes. Established in 2013, Empire Glassworks is located in Placentia, California, USA. With a strong team of experienced glass blowers, artists & owners; Empire Glassworks has picked up major popularity among smokers with no sign of slowing down. There themed Glass products take inspiration from pop culture, nature & technology. No matter who you are, they have an awesome themed piece that you'll love.

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Nucleus Glass

Nucleus Glass | Bongs, Dab Rigs, Hand Pipes & More Smoking Accessories

Next, we have a relatively new Glassware company; Nucleus. Founded in 2016, Nucleus came out of the great State of New Jersey. Nucleus strives to create the largest selection of extremely high quality & affordable thick glass Bongs, Pipes, Dab Rigs & other essential smoking accessories. Stunning pieces like the Glycerin Coil Bongs & the 14" Beaker Bong w/ Ice Catcher (see image) are perfect examples of what Nucleus is capable of. Nucleus is quickly becoming the household name for all types of smokers!

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Bets Illadelph Glass Bongs & Water Pipes  

No introduction is needed for this next brand. Illadelph is an Icon in the glass industry, creating some of the highest quality, absolutely stunning glass Bongs around. Of course, you pay the price to have such luxurious glass: ranging from upwards of $500 for a basic straight tube bong. If your an experienced smoker, Illadelph is defiantly worth the investment (just be carful not to break it).

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Ronin Glass

Best Ronin Glass Bongs

Next up, we have another new glass company: Ronin Glass. Ronins were ancient samurais that had no master or lord to steer their choices, and Ronin Glass uses their skills to give you the best possible selection of Bongs. Based out of New Jersey, Ronin Glass is beginning to make a splash in the glass industry creating amazing Bongs & Dab Rigs. All of Ronin's Pieces are made out of high-grade Glass that is skillfully cut. Featuring beautifully crafted Percs, Ronin Bongs & Water Pipes hit smoother then compare. Check out Ronin Glass if your looking for any stunning mid-price Glass Bongs & Rigs.

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Primitive Pipes

Primitive Pipes Best Old Bong Hand Made Bongs

An unexpected Brand has started to make wake in the Smoking industry, Primitive Pipes! Featured being used by Industry Icons like Tommy Chong, who said "I Think I Got A New Favourite Bong" See Here. You know that means these bongs are world class! Based out of Indiana, these water pipes & bongs are all hand crafted from organic materials like Bamboo, Wood, Coconut, Gourd & More. Call it Mother Nature, but the natural material provides an unparalleled smoking experience with super smooth, filtered hits. Enjoy a true primitive experience with these old world bongs & water pipes!

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Icon Glass

ICON Glass Bongs & Water Pipes

Icon Glass is a new company bringing the heat in the glassware industry. This brightly colored collection of glass really stands out in any smokers collection with transparent acid greens & vibrant alien purples. These Bongs & Dab Rigs also pack a punch when it comes to performance. Each bong has a built in percolator which performs to the highest standard: filtering your smoke effortlessly while maintain a smooth inhale of smoke. Each bong is shaped pretty weirdly to further enhance the Icon Glass Experience and look. You will find that the base, mouthpiece and other pieces are colors glass to make your piece pop. Inhale like an Icon with the Beautiful themed glass bongs & dab rigs from Icon Glass.


Best DankStop Glass Bongs

Last up we have DankStop, who has created their own personal Line of Stunning Glassware. DankStop, is an online headshop out of New Jersey, founded in 2014. Their success in the industry has allowed them create an insanely large collection of top of the line glassware at affordable prices. Offering not only a large selection of Bongs & Water Pipes but also Hand Pipes, Bubblers, Dab Rigs, Bowls, Downstems & Other Smoking Accessories. Whether you're looking for a simple beaker bong, or a more elaborate piece like the Microscope bong (see image), DankStop has the piece for you. 

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So there you have it, the absolute Best Bong brands in 2019. When looking for you next bong make sure to consider what you want out of a bong. Find something in your price range, that has a style you enjoy and is able to seamlessly be incorporated into your life.

If you missed anything feel free to leave a comment and we'll make sure to add it!

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